B&W spot cartoon $220
B&W half page $280
B&W full page $440
Colour half page $840
Colour full page $1680
Colour cover $2015
B&W caricature $300
Colour caricature $400
Live caricatures $220 per hour
Workshops $220 per hour
Comic Strips Refer to the artist

These ACA recommended rates are a guide only and are devised from the standard freelance rate issued by the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance.

There’s no excuse for theft

Intellectual property is the creation of the artist, and copyright exists for a reason. Only the creator of the work has the right to reproduce, publish, and communicate to the public that work without a licence or assignment of copyright. Ignorance of the law is not accepted and punishable with fines. If you publish a cartoon online, you must pay the creator for the use of that cartoon.

Cartoonists work hard to create great work

It takes decades for our talented cartoonists to get to the level of skill you see today. If you have published a cartoon on your website and not paid appropriate copyright to the creator, take a moment to find out your obligations from www.copyright.org.au.

Just because you have commissioned an original work does not mean you hold the Copyright. The ACA recommends all artists retain copyright of their works.

Providing work for exposure

The ACA does not encourage members to give away their work for free in return for “exposure”. Please do not contact members asking for free cartoons.

Ownership of artwork

Copyright is automatic to the artist under the Copyright Act 1968. Ownership of original artwork does NOT automatically go to the client unless the artist transfers copyright by agreement prior to commissioning. Make sure to visit the Australian Copyright Council www.copyright.org.au and the Arts Law Centre of Australia www.artslaw.com.au to fully understand your rights and obligations.

For corrections or alterations please email secretary@cartoonists.org.au