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October 14, 2016

2016 Year Book and Inkspot are on their way

Australia Post will be back in the black after delivering the ACA's Year Book and Inkspot over this weekend.

Jules Faber, ably assisted by Mary, has earlier today posted the 2016 Year Book and Inkspot to every full and associate member.

In every envelope, you'll receive:

  • A Yearbook*
  • A stamped Voting Form*
  • A labelled and stamped return envelope to KPMG*
  • The latest Inkspot
  • A Stanleys Brochure
  • A Registration Form
  • A Committee Nomination Form

(* Full Members)

So crack them open on Monday (or Tuesday) and fill out that voting form. KPMG needs them real quick!

There’s one error on Page 97 where a line about Matt Groening was missed from last year. Ignore that. It’s a leftover from last year’s Year Book. Oopsies!

Fill out that Stanleys registration form and we’ll see you in Parramatta.

Update: The 2016 Year Book is now available for viewing online.