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August 1, 2017

2017 Stanley Awards call for entries

Stanley Awards logo

The Australian Cartoonists Association is now calling for submissions for the 33rd Stanley Awards. Submissions will be published in the annual ACA Year Book.


Animation Cartoonist

An artist who is the original modeler, illustrator or cartoonist of the assets of a short animated piece for online broadcast, television, film, interactive digital products and motion comics (on-screen graphics, graphics-based TV show introductions or special effects for live action productions are ineligible). You must provide samples of animated works for submission and for print and a link to the animation online (if possible). An animation company can nominate an animator from the animated company's piece to be considered.


An artist whose body of work is published, privately commissioned or “live” caricatured likenesses.

Children’s Book Illustrator

An artist whose published body of work is for the children’s book industry.

Comic Book Artist

An artist whose published body of work, in print or online, consists primarily of sequential art drawn with the intention of conveying information and/or telling a story to the reader in the form of comic books (periodicals/‘floppies’), graphic novels, adventure cartoon strips with serial content and zines (containing sequential art content). A cartoonist cannot enter the same feature in the Comic Strip category.

Comic Strip Artist

An artist whose published body of work, in print or online, is primarily a multi-panel sequential comic cartoon strip, adventure or illustrated comic strip.

Editorial/Political Cartoonist

An artist whose published body of work, in print or online, is political and/or social satire in cartoon form.


An artist whose published body of work, in print or online, is published humorous and general illustration for newspaper/magazine articles, books, advertising etc. Work deemed to be political, single-gag, caricature, or comic strip based will not be eligible for this category.

Single Gag Cartoonist

An artist whose published body of work, in print or online, consists primarily of single frame landscape or portrait panel gags. A cartoonist cannot enter the same feature in either Comic Strip or Single Gag categories.

Note: Full members can opt to submit their artwork for the Year Book and choose NOT to be a competitive entry. Any such entries will be marked accordingly and will not be considered eligible for the Stanley Awards. Instead that submission will be considered an acknowledgment and record of that artist’s work.


  1. You must be a full member of the Australian Cartoonists Association and have your 2017/2018 financial year membership fees paid in full. Please note that all memberships expire on July 1. Renewals for Full Membership can be paid online here, or submitted with your Stanleys entry. Email treasurer@cartoonists.org.au for membership renewal inquiries.
  2. All work submitted must have been professionally published between July 1, 2016 and August 1, 2017 and be accompanied by proof of publication. Self-published entries are not acceptable (with the exception of Comic Book Artist with a minimum of 100 units produced for sale). Work on personal or non-commercial websites are not acceptable.
  3. You may enter THREE categories. Work not included in its proper category will have the appropriate category assigned by the Year Book sub-committee.
  4. All entries should be electronic submissions on correctly-sized pages.
  5. E-mail submissions are preferred IN COLOUR and MUST be a 300 dpi TIFF file or JPEG. Submissions can also be on disk. They will be reproduced as COLOUR in the Year Book and online. Please send by email only. Do not send via a file hosting service.
  6. Please identify caricatures by adding the subject’s name on your page. Please indicate if your submission contains work created in a "live" environment.
  7. The Year Book sub-committee reserves the right to reject any entry it feels does not comply with the rules or reject entries that are substandard, plagiarised or copied.
  8. By entering the Stanleys the artist gives permission for the ACA to publish his/her work to promote cartoonists and cartoons in ACA publications and on the ACA website. ACA will not publish for financial gain any artwork without the express permission of the artist/s concerned. Copyright will reside with the artist.
  9. The closing date is SUNDAY, 13th AUGUST has been extended to SUNDAY, 27th AUGUST


The format of the 2016 Year Book is A4. Submissions are allocated one half of a page. Your artwork must be arranged to fit between a maximum page width of 180mm and a page depth of 110mm. Do NOT include your contact details within the size specifications.

Comic Book Artists, due to the nature of their work, are entitled to one full page 180mm x 250mm.

You can view last year’s Year Book here and use it as a guide.


  1. Please ensure you have supplied the correct details in this order: name, telephone number, website and email. Do not put these details into your entry’s display area.
  2. Please send your Stanley submissions to stanleys@cartoonists.org.au.
  3. Send your submissions SEPARATELY. In the subject line write your STANLEY CATEGORY followed by YOUR NAME. It’ll make sorting it out a bit easier.
  4. Please do NOT create huge files. 1200dpi files are unnecessary.

If you can’t email your Stanleys submission, your finished page on a USB stick may be sent to: ACA Stanleys, PO Box 580, Elizabeth, South Australia 5112. However this is a pain in the neck, and we would prefer emailed submissions!

All enquiries to Peter Broelman: 0407 972 523 or via the email address.