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November 22, 2017

Impact Comics Festival

Photo taken at 2017 Impact Comics Festival - Thor vs Captain America

The ACA has a table at the Impact Comics festival this Sunday in Canberra. Similar to the thing the ACA does with Supanova, members are welcome to come along and offer books, draw caricatures or whatever. It’ll be a bit of fun too! Just let Jules Faber know that you’re on your way.

(NOTE: The ACA is unable to sell merchandise on your behalf)

This from Mal at Impact...

Less than 5 days to go!

Now is the time to double check your convention kit.

  1. Have you got all your stock, planned a cash float (and a card reader if you get that fancy)
  2. Hat and sunscreen?
  3. Costume?
  4. Have you planned how you are getting here?

OK, OK, don't panic.
This is the fourth year running that the bureau has conspired with the various weather gods to try to scare us off this event. For the record, the Festival has never been cancelled or relocated.

The current prediction is that somewhere near Canberra has a very high likelihood of a light sprinkling of rain at some stage during Sunday. We are pretty lucky in the city and due to some geographical quirk, it seems most light rain actually bypasses us.

We’ll be monitoring the BOM website and radars like we are reading the matrix and will make changes if need be.


Where: Garema Place, Canberra ACT
When: Sun 26 Nov, 12-5pm

The day officially starts at noon, but we'll be setting up from 9am. The event is open to the public all day, so if you get in early, you can start selling early if you want.

Nearest parking - Outdoor carpark - Underground carpark

If you need to get hold of me at short notice call or message my mobile: 0412383858

Tent assignments

Name Tent
501st Legion 12
ACT Comic Meet 11
Acumen Aquatics & Vivaria 20
Amanda Herzman 15
Attire Dolls 20
Australian Cartoonists Association 19
Big Tim Stiles 9
Bolt Comics 17
Canberra Princesses and Friends 6
Creative Beasts 13
Curious Empire 2
Diana Lawrence Art 15
Donkey Bonnet 7
Drawing in Circles 15
First Aid 5
Gallifreyan Pendants 13
GammaCon 4
G-turtle makes things 21
Halftone Productions 7
Hustle&Sol 15
InIteration 18
Invisible Ink Studio 14
Jabbers Art 20
Jinberry 11
Jolli creations 3
Jon Sommariva 9
JUDD Comics 15
Larissa Cook 15
Libraries ACT 16
Louie Joyce 8
lyli 14
Matty Dariol - Future Infinity 8
Max. Shift 11
May bee makes art 14
Meri Amber 1
Navenlos 17
Octopus and Family 9
Odyssey Books 9
Outsider 9
Peggy Bright Books 13
Pickycomic.com 17
Pie-Eyed Productions 14
Raye Sommers Design 17
Ryan K Lindsay 8
SangzHime & Meduchan Handcraft 21
Sapphire Sheedy 11
Shane W Smith 8
Smilesarebetter 21
Spotted Candy 7
Super Ready Battle Armor 7
tantalise+ 14
The ninja neko 21
Wooden Overcoat Works by Skullstho 17
WrenArt... 10