Stanley Awards Results

The Stanley Awards isn’t just all about the recipients — here’s the full list of finalists for each category, in order of finishing.

The ACA congratulates all nominees…

Cartoonist Of The Year 2014

Awarded to David Rowe
Finalists… Mark Knight
David Pope
Glen Le Lievre
Anton Emdin
Pat Campbell

Animation Cartoonist 2014

Awarded to Peter Viska
Finalists… David Blumenstein
Matt Bissett Johnson
Rolf Heimann
Peter Ryan

Caricaturist 2014

Awarded to David Rowe
Finalists… David Pope
Anton Emdin
Judy Nadin
Terry Dunnett

Comic Book Artist 2014

Awarded to Roger Fletcher
Finalists… Bruce Mutard
Rob Feldman
Tim McEwen
Dean Rankine

Comic Strip Cartoonist 2014

Awarded to Tony Lopes
Finalists… Glen Le Lievre
David Follett
Gary Clark
Jason Chatfield

Editorial/Political Cartoonist 2014

Awarded to David Pope
Finalists… Cathy Wilcox
Christopher Downes
David Rowe
Mark Knight

Illustrator 2014

Awarded to Pat Campbell
Finalists… Anton Emdin
George Haddon
Nigel Buchanan
Eric Lobbecke

Single Gag Cartoonist 2014

Awarded to Cathy Wilcox
Finalists… Glen Le Lievre
Oslo Davis
Mark Lynch
Andrew Weldon

Australian Cartoonists Hall Of Fame

Alex Gurney
Monty Wedd
Bruce Petty

Jim Russell Award 2014
for contribution to Australian cartooning

Media, Entertainment and Arts Aliance

Cartoon On The Night 2014
sponsored by D’Arenberg and Officeworks

Luke Watson

The ACA would like to thank everyone who chipped in to make this a fun and fantastic Stanley Awards ceremony to remember: Master Of Ceremonies Warren Brown, speed painter Brad Blaze, all award presenters, the auction team, The Stanley Steamers headed by Roger Fletcher, Mick Horne for tables, the room set-up and decorations crew, Hywel Kemsley for the brilliant audio/visual, Kerry-Anne Brown’s organisational skills behind the scenes, the ACA committee and last but not least all members, sponsors and guests who attended and had a ball.

The conference team must also be acknowledged. Christophe Granet and Anton Emdin were pivotal in devising the schedule and securing guest speakers. Jules Faber and Lindsay Foyle for MCing each day, Rick Noble and Tim Mellish for camera, all of our special guests and moderators who collectively put on a great show, and of course those members who helped in any little way to make the conference run smoothly – from registration to clean up. We thank you all.

See you at the 31st Stanleys in Melbourne next year!

For a complete history of the Stanley Awards winners — view here.