Stanley Awards Results

The Stanley Awards isn’t just all about the recipients — here’s the full list of finalists for each category, in order of finishing.

The ACA congratulates all nominees…

Cartoonist of the Year 2015

Awarded to David Pope
Finalists… David Rowe
Mark Knight
Anton Emdin
Judy Nadin
Glen Le Lievre

Animation Cartoonist 2015

Awarded to Matt Bissett Johnson
Finalists… Andrew Fyfe
Harry Gold

Caricaturist 2015

Awarded to David Rowe
Finalists… Judy Nadin
Terry Dunnett
Anton Emdin
John Spooner

Children’s Book Illustrator 2015

Awarded to Leigh Hobbs
Finalists… Peter Sheehan
Jules Faber
Dave Emerson
Chris “Roy” Taylor

Comic Book Artist 2015

Awarded to David Follett
Finalists… Roger Fletcher
Thomas Campi
Gavin Aung Than
David Blumenstein

Comic Strip Cartoonist 2015

Awarded to Gary Clark
Finalists… Jason Chatfield
Tony Lopes “Stoney”
Ian Jones
Phil Judd

Editorial/Political Cartoonist 2015

Awarded to Christopher Downes
Finalists… David Pope
Mark Knight
George Haddon
Glen Le Lievre

Illustrator 2015

Awarded to Pat Campbell
Finalists… Anton Emdin
George Haddon
Glen Le Lievre
John Shakespeare

Single Gag Cartoonist 2015

Awarded to Cathy Wilcox
Finalists… Oslo Davis
Robert Black
Andrew Weldon
Lindsay Foyle

Jim Russell Award 2015

“For gorsake, stop laughing: this is serious!”

Australian Cartooning Hall of Fame

Emile Mercier
Ron Tandberg
Vane Lindesay

Cartoon On The Night 2015

Pat Campbell

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