Stanley Awards

Links to videos from the 2019 Animation Cartoonist Category

Please refer to this year’s Year Book for artwork of the entries, but for your convenience, here are direct links to the videos by each of the entrants…

Name Video Credit
Matt Bissett-Johnson “One night Only” and “The Ignition of Cave Man Dave” creator
Robert Black &
Jock Macneish
“Family Violence Reform” creator
David Blumenstein website creator
Harry Gold “Enter Asahi” - VFX Breakdown concept/design art
Eric Löbbecke “Mental Health” creator
Mark Sheard Splash Mens ODI Opener for Fox Sport character design & director
Peter Viska “The Slimy Saga of Gutlands Gulch” executive producer
Dani Vittz “East Hills Bulldogs” video scribe
Martina Zeitler “Coles Risk Management Training” creator