2023 Stanley Awards Weekend
St Kilda Melbourne, October 28 & 29

It's on. Here's the word. Get on to it!

We'll kick off on Saturday with Animation isn't for kids (or for anyone): the local animation industry landscape, streaming services and the end of kid’s content regulations, featuring Tony Thorne, Erika Tucker, Carmel McAloon and Kelly Lynagh. Then, Marisa Wikramanayake, Tony Thorne, Cathy Wilcox and Simon Kneebone will pick apart the thorny question of Drawing Colour: Practical Advice On illustrating Ethnicicy.

After the break Reimena Yee, Paul Peart-Smith, Jon Kudelka and Sarah Howell put words to some of the stuff cartoonists have trouble explaining in Grawlixes And Emanata. Then you’ll hear from Marc Pearson, Angus Olsen, Simon Kneebone and Mark Knight about the fascinating world of Graphic Medicine: How Drawings Are Improving Health Outcomes.

Let’s Get Physical: the benefits of your own artist-run space will canvass the question of whether you should set up shop, for real! On that you’ll hear from Michael Fikaris, Jon Kudelka, Frantz Kantor and David Blumenstein.

In Not Funny: Maintaining Your Mental Health As A Freelancer, Harriet McDougall, Paul Peart-Smith and Karen Percy will talk about how we keep doing what we do while staying healthy.

Finally, we'll hear from Prof. Rebecca Giblin, Marisa Wikramanayake, Rachael Bolton and David Pope on the subject of “F**k A.l.”: a measured, mature response to generative A.I. art.

The Crest on Barkly is the nearby venue for 39th Annual Stanley Awards. We tried to get Michael Leunig but a typo got us Lawrence Leung, Melbourne comedian, writer, director, actor, breakdancer and Rubik’s Cubist. We were so impressed we asked him to be our Master of Ceremonies! Join Lawrence and the gang as we celebrate The Stanley Awards!

Sunday opens with the occasionally exciting ACA AGM, and then the conference concludes with a workshop: Promoting Yourself On Social Media, with ACA member and Social Media Editor at the Financial Review, Rachael Bolton

See you there!

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